We have two backyard hens and my friend at work

had been given me the shredded paper from corporate office to use as coop bedding for them. A few days ago I was running low on cat litter and threw in some shredded paper with the last of the litter just as a temporary fix. But the cats didn’t seem to mind, so I refilled the box completely with shredded paper. It didn’t stink, and the cats just used as usual. We’re on day 4 of shredded paper only litter… which is free… and the cats are happy. It really doesn’t smell at all either! I dump it sooner than I would regular litter, just because it starts to clump together and isn’t scoopable. But it’s free, so who cares that it needs replacing more?

Some cats are more finicky about their litter, so it might not work for all. But if you work somewhere that shreds paper, its worth trying! Also, I think kinkos/fedex ends up with tons of shreds they’d probably give for free if someone needed a source idea.