This week had its ups and its downs

Down was for various reasons, dh didn’t qualify for the short term disability, too complicated to go into here, let’s just say that once all the information was properly presented to us we both understood why he didn’t qualify.
That meant that this Friday not only would he get a zero paycheck, we would need to pay between $800 and $900 to the company for his copays on our various insurances. While my emergency fund would cover it, we were hoping the short term would anyway, so I could use that emergency money on the doctor bills.
Enter the family orientated company owner. Despite the comptroller’s protests, remember the lovely lady who changed paydays and other things in the past, well the company owner over rode her on this one and we don’t have to pay the co-pays out of our pocket.
Instead he told her to advance dh 20 hours of vacation pay AND went ahead and put dh on 3 weeks annual vacation time, although dh wasn’t suppose to qualify for it until August!!! So while there will still be no pay check on Friday (a downer) there will be zero due and the 20 hours will be paid back within 6 weeks. Plus we will have enough vacation before our annual passes expire to fly back down to WDW if we should choose to.
Up, dh went back to work on Monday, it was tough on him and when he went for a recheck with our regular doctor yesterday, his boss told him to take the rest of the day off—with pay. He took advantage of it and felt better for work today as a result. He says they have been going easy on him and instead of the usual “Gary can you come to my office for a meeting” they have been bringing the meetings to his office.
Down, his urine test still shows blood cells in it, so they are running a culture. That may be why he is dragging fanny somewhat.
Up they think he has the cellulitis beat for this round, but he still has to wear a UNA boot bandage for awhile to get the leg back to its normal size. Shoes and socks are still a hassle for him, but the color is good. One internal medicine doctor told him that the leg may never return to normal size due to the severity of the case he had. We may be shoe shopping this weekend. Should prove interesting because his feet are definitely two different sizes right now.
Up is ds who says he is keeping all the utilities as part of his budget and not putting any of them back to us when the paychecks become regular and full again.
Up, none of the doctors, so far—still waiting on the urologist—think the “mass” the catscan showed in dh’s abdomen is anything to be concerned about. But the urologist wants to do some more testing on that and the one remaining kidney stone. We’ll know more about that next week. One doctor who looked at the scan says he isn’t even certain there is a mass on it. I vote for that.
We’ve been enjoying a January thaw here in OK and that has improved all our moods. That is definitely an up.
I’ve been teasing dh and telling him that after all the dust settles on this medical mess he so owes me a trip to Hawaii. He says I am insane (he hates flying). Wonder which one of us will win. LOL!