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I have the “new” FPU (homestudy which is the same as going to the class) and I have been through the “Old” FPU (twice).

I don’t remember there being more classes (old) other than Debt was 2 classes because it went so long. Now it is cleanly in 1 class time. He doesn’t spend as much time going over how to work the debt snowball as he used to.

The biggest difference is that “old” occasionally quoted the Bible and referenced it obliquely. “New” is more like going to a religious revival. “Savings” (lesson 1) is probably about 20-30 minutes up front about being good money stewards for God. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying it’s significantly different from before. The rest of the lessons are similar in flavor, but not as strong as the first one.

Just like he does “on the road” with TMMO, he brings in Rachel Ramsey Cruze, John Acuff and Chris Hogan. It is jarring when Rachel and John speak. They do not really bring anything to the table, you are not really learning anything from them. Rachel speaks during a few lessons; the saving for college segment does have some relevance, but the others, they could just not bother.

Chris Hogan on the other hand, takes up about 1/2 of the mortgage segment. He is absolutely on point, of value, and as a former banker, you do learn something about how mortgages work and why you do or don’t want to do something.

He took out the vast majority of visual aids he used to do, so “new” isn’t as “entertaining” as the old. He took out the balloon myth popping. I think that’s unfortunate, as it really used to drive the point home. I think there are less “myths” too.

New has a “one minute takeaway” that you’re supposed to write down from the lesson. That’s new, and that’s an adult learning theory strategy which clearly comes from John Acuff. The lesson ends at each 1 minute takeaway.