Our family started out on our journey in 2007

5 1/2 years later we had paid off 259,000 dollars of personal and business debt. No more personal debt. Unfortunately, our business took a big hit when we lost our biggest client and 50 percent of our income. Then the recession slowed us down. We went into business debt because we literally couldn’t make ends meet. We didn’t pay for inventory we sold and couldn’t pay payroll taxes. Our business is finally back on track! Our bills are current and we have payment plans with Dell and the government. Our home account never went back into debt because I didn’t need credit cards. Our personal take home was cut by 1/3 and we’ve kept it that way even though our business is doing better. I’m more frugal and cut costs whenever I can at home. I am happy to finally be snowballing again for the business. We are also saving up a peaks and valleys fund for the business, which gives me peace of mind that we won’t back slide again.