I am in Florida

– so it is probably the same bank. I used to bank with Washington Mutual until it became Chase by default (also aquired). And once they switched over to Chase, although I was promised my account would remain unchanged… boy did it change!

Beware of sneaky things being added onto the back of your bank statement. Chase apparently added changes to my account in small print on the back of my statement with some caveat that changes would go into effect by XX/XX/XXXX if they do not receive anything in writing stating otherwise.
So I quit them, and have only a credit union account at http://paydayloansfloridaonline.biz. Luckily, I rarely deal with fees through them… and so this Iberia stealing my $12 for no apparent reason really rubbed me the wrong way. And I do feel it is theft… I asked for no service meriting a charge.