I am also somewhat new to the DR program

and I am on baby step 2… working on paying off those debts.
But I have still learned A LOT (I can’t even fathom the wealth of financial knowledge inside of the group members here who are almost to step 7!).
My biggest lessons:
1.) Getting into debt was directly connected to my mental outlook that I deserved things NOW instead of having to earn them first. Had to turn that horse around quick!
2.) In addition, I had to learn to get a handle on what I really needed in the first place. When I think back and ask what I bought over the last 10 years that was so important I couldn’t wait for it, I draw a blank. Boy it sucks now to have to pay interest on items that weren’t important to begin with! Ha! Now, I have learned to better decipher what I need to buy and what I don’t need to have because it isn’t really something I need.
3.) Budgeting and pre-planning money is freeing… its work at first, but then it makes everything so much less stressful after a small initial time investment