Don’t feel discouraged..

it’s difficult starting out to get to babystep 1. And developing a budget and staying away from credt cards is no easy task when it isnt yet habit!

If you make a mistake, just start over. Every mistake is a chance to learn how to do it better next time. I had a lot of trouble developing a budget we could stick to… it was even a few months before I could successfully fill my envelopes all the way. But once I had that EF in the bank and started paying off credit cards, I felt a lot more secure and seemed to have more money. You don’t realize that when you use credit, you spend more than you would otherwise, and everything costs more due to interest. When you use cash, you end up buying less and saving the interest payment each purchase adds up.

Keep us updated if you have any troubles or can’t seem to make ends meet. Everyone here has a lot of useful tips!