Be advised of a few things:

That’s the one I have used in previous years.

from that one credit reporting site, you’ll still have the option to choose which of the three actual credit companies (Experian, Equifax and Trans Union) you want to work with. I seem to recall you have to do one at a time. Also, you leave the website and go to each of those individual reporting websites as you’ve chosen them. So for instance, if you check off Experian and Trans Union, you’ll first have to go to Experian’s website, finish up there, then go BACK to the website, then choose TransUnion, then go to the TransUnion website to finish up there. So don’t be shocked if you’re sent to another website.
Due to the hassles of the above, I have gotten into the habit of checking only one of those three, every four months, and thus getting three free reports per year (one from each). But be aware that they track how often you get a free credit report. So if you happen to forget who you ordered from most recently, and accidentally order from them again in a 12 month period, they’ll give you some message that you’ve already gotten your once/year credit report. I’ve done that more than once. The answer of course is to write down who you visit at any given time and then don’t lose that little slip of paper. As organized as you are, Jan, I expect that won’t be a problem. But stuff walks off my desk on a regular basis, so it’s been something of a challenge here.
Lastly, be aware that you are entitled by law to the actual report, which lists things like all your creditors, your payment history, etc. But that law does NOT entitle you to get your credit score. You have to pay extra for that. The charge is relatively low; I think my last credit score was from Trans Union for something like $15. But I was surprised the first time when I had to pay extra for that.
If you do find incorrect info on your report, each credit bureau has different reporting hoops to jump through. I seem to recall that Experian’s was a PITA while Trans Union’s was a lot easier. So I went through Trans Union to contest two different accounts on my report which were in error. Happily, when they are contested and removed on one, they SHOULD end up being removed on all of them. But you’ll need to verify that actually happens.