July was a 3 pay day month for us

and since dh came down so sick just before the third pay day I held on to all of that paycheck and our ss checks instead of making a huge gazelle payment on the mortgage, so the bills will all be paid on time even with a zero paycheck this Friday. In fact, I held on to so much if nothing else comes up to whack us between now and the end of the month I will still be able to pay our snowball amount on the mortgage to keep on schedule and use this months ss on the medical bills. Jan who is thankful for DR who taught her to plan ahead for such emergencies in OK

If that location

has the Magic Quest or whatever that wizard thing is, you can buy wands from others on Ebay. Purchasing the individual wands at Great Wolf Lodge is pretty pricey. Also, everyone brings coolers full of food. Your room should have a refrigerator (and a microwave, I’m pretty positive). Breakfast foods, milk and other beverages, minimally, should be packed to bring along.

We have FINALLY reached the point of getting to travel

The house remodel is almost done. Woot ! Woot! I am going to Great Wolf lodge in Williamsburg on a homeschooled trip with my youngest 5 kiddos. The room is a great price at 30% off. We are staying March 9th – 15th. I have no idea what to budget for all the things you can do there. There is so much to do and it adds up quick. Not to mention the site doesn’t list all the prices ? Anyone give me some frugal pointers ? :)